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Blinds can be divided into several categories

Blinds are decorated as traditional curtains and are more used in home decorations. Many times, the choice of blinds on the one hand is the unique shape of the blinds on the other hand is a good breathable performance for the blinds. What are the types of the blinds? What are the materials of the blinds (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds)?

One, aluminum shutters
1, alloy blinds have the main function of adjusting the light, improving the visual comfort, improving the indoor air circulation, improving the thermal comfort, enhancing the privacy and saving the energy consumption.
2, the film selection of high-quality materials, good elasticity, high strength, not easy to deformation.
3, sub-curtain with titanium oxide coating, with the reaction of ultraviolet light to produce light purification, play anti-fouling, antibacterial, deodorant and clean air self-cleaning effect.

Second, wood blinds (Wooden blinds supplier)
1, the blade selection of high-grade solid wood material, the use of trunk center film, each curtain film are painted four times after the coating and special drying / sealing process, strict control of water content, long-term use will not crack or deformation.
2, the blade surface smooth and smooth, texture and gloss are good, there are a variety of colors, and color and personality color optional, to meet the individual needs of home decoration.

Three, classical shutters (Finger jointed slats blinds wholesales)
1, solid wood classical system design, on the next track, ladder and pull the rope with the same color, the leaves with differentiated color to meet the individual design style.
2, the film has a waterproof blinds curtains, aluminum blinds curtains, Long silk blinds curtains (fabric curtains) material optional to meet the home decoration and functionality.
3, sets of high-grade antique copper system, grade style timeless, clever and flexible operation.