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What functions have been praised by the blinds

The blinds(Ready made Wooden blinds on sale) first appeared in ancient China, and now there have been many changes and upgrades. The style and shape of this window on the market is very diverse at present. It has a nice appearance as always, and it also adds a lot of functions. Let him not only be a beautiful decoration, but also very practical. Most of the buildings used in modern architecture are aluminum alloy windows. The material is strong and has good compression resistance, and it will not rust easily or be corroded by other materials. Even if frequent use, it will maintain a very stable function. And it looks very upscale, with a gentle style of atmosphere. The shutters have the function of curtains but they can be used as windows, which can be said to be two birds of one stone.

The function of the blinds has many kinds, and the most intuitive is his decorative function. There is also a strong role in the use of the first, he was able to protect people's privacy, because there can be a lot of blade rotation direction, but when the vertical horizontal line will completely cover the windows, people want to look through the window of the room is not possible, which he compared with the curtain for a very different. Leaves can completely cover the light outside. If people want to rest in a quiet environment, you can open him up, relax and relax. The second function is that it can maintain the temperature of the room, outside the summer sunshine too dazzling, but also very hot, if open windows will lead to difficulty with indoor mosquito, leaves the window is different, shelter out of the sun to keep the City cool, winter can not let the heat indoors easily dispersed.