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Warranty for Plantation Shutters

2023-02-03 17:09:33

Our factory supply Lifetime warranty for all material shutter structural.

(1)Factory offer 2 years warranty for wooden shutter surface effect.3 years for PVC shutter and 5 years for aluminium shutter.Under warranty included painting turn yellow, the natural crack; crack for finger jointed,warping louver,stile,frame in 2 years from delivery date of factory.

There is no warranty in below conditions: 1. Wood crack or deformation as installed in high temperature or high humidity environmental (unless PVC shutters).  2. Customer stock in warehouse or install or transport not in right way lead to products broken not under warranty.

(2)No warranty when your requirement out of our shutter manual specifications.

Factory will provide the shutter manual and the specification on order form for make rules. The shutter will not under our warranty If the shutter has quality problem or needs remake as customer do not base on our shutter manual.

(3)Warranty for shutter surface like damage,dents,scratch

Firstly, factory will check the photos taken by our QC people before packing. If there is no problem on the photo,that means the damage happen during transport. Customer should pay for the remake cost.

(4)The standard of warranty for colour difference

There will be have colour difference between products and samples as the different time for make color, purchase oil, and the use environmental . Factory will do their best to test and contrast the different batches of goods on oil and color to match up. But they can not control the use time and environmental for the sample of customer had have. So factory will not offer warranty when the products color match with sellers sample color but different with the final customers sample color . Also factory no any duty for customer to remake.
Customer should updated their colour sample in the sample case one year one time. The colour sample with stamp date on the colour sample to easier remember.

2. If the remake order more than 12 months from the day factory send out. The original color sample must be sent back to the factory to match the colour.

(5)Every shutter we sell out, we will take photo for the shutter before packing. So,if customer complain after they install the shutter. They need send us photos and show factory the problem they have. Once we get customers photo and then we will find out our photos to compare. If we find out our products no same problem and then factory will not bear the cost for remake order.

(6)Complete measure
As the products material is wooden, they can have +/-3mm tolerance for width and drop measure. If customer needs remake as this +/-3mm tolerance, factory cannot accept.