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The IWCE 2023 Exhibit will exhibit Heze Huasheng shutter

2023-02-04 17:27:34

Have you heard about the IWCE 2023 exhibit?
Our Hua sheng shade team will go to the site to participate in the exhibition, when we will show our company's most powerful and latest explosive products to you, which can help you shade business become more prosperous in 2023. Will you go to the scene?
As a Various OEM shutter factory in North China with 26 years of experience in foreign trade, our company covers an area of 300,000 square meters. Our inherent geographical advantages and material advantages make us rich in wood. We can extrudate PVC and aluminum shutter components by ourselves, and shutter types and accessories are comprehensive. And can hold a lot of inventory. We have more than 1300 local workers, whose labor force is cheaper than that in southern China. Besides, we have professional shipping service and professional packing team, so we can let you load cargo by LBF and offer you the most favorable price under the condition of quality guarantee, which will help you with the booming business of shutter in 2023. If you are interested, you are welcome to visit our booth then. Looking forward to cooperating with you!