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The role of entry-exit inspection in China

2023-01-09 17:41:18

China's entry-exit inspection and quarantine comes into being with the interaction with people. Due to the limitations of historical conditions in different historical periods, the functions of entry-exit inspection and quarantine are also different.

Entry of goods are pressed inspection and quarantine, in order to ensure the safety of the source, the relevant certificate is not forgotten to handle.

Introduction to entry inspection and quarantine certificate:
The entry goods clearance form is the basis for your goods to be imported. That is to say, you must first declare at the customs with the entry goods clearance form before the goods can come in. The inspection and quarantine certificate of entry goods refers to the inspection certificate made by the inspection and quarantine bureau of the final destination of your goods, which can be used as the legal basis for external claims. It should be noted that after the goods arrive at the destination, the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities should be contacted in time for inspection.

The goods shall not be sold or used without inspection:
Commodity inspection and quarantine certificate refers to the written document certifying the inspection and quarantine results issued by the commodity inspection and quarantine institution after the inspection and appraisal of the import and export commodities. There are many kinds of commodity inspection and quarantine certificates. In the actual import and export commodity transactions, the categories of inspection and quarantine certificates and the requirements of commodity inspection and quarantine should be specified in the inspection and quarantine clauses.

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