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The light of the sun came in through the blinds and it was so warm inside


When I woke up, the sun was shining brightly, and the warm light came in through the blinds, falling on the half-open pink, yellow lily petals, and the blue flower buds, the morning of January was beautiful.
Winter noon, gently open the shutters, the hand holds a cup of strong coffee, inclined at the window, fine article winter noon sunshine, that strong warm sunshine on the body, at once the warmth of the waves...

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In recent days, I felt a lack of energy, so when my friend suggested "I go shopping", I immediately responded. I can not help but sigh, perhaps the heart has already revealed a desire to have a good relaxation of the idea! How long did not go to enjoy that piece of the colorful world. Drive to the corner, suddenly find yourself completely without the excitement of the past. People come and go, I seem to be a complete outsider, unable to really invest in the dazzling array of goods. The friend is in line to buy shoes to go, and I, originally had no goal. Once a person has no goal, then, the heart wants nothing, and without the desire to read can be free to view the world. Seeing the beautiful, she is interested in a couple of attempts. Seeing the handsome man, he was looking at her quietly with his bag of small bags. The trance of the eyes is a picture of a few ten years later: she is still bright, but she is full of silver, he is still so company, just beside the walking stick. In spite of the unexpected, I believe that the heart is always surrounded by hope, and the good is not only the individual, but the world.
Because the eye view has been completely devoid of the keen sense of the year, faced with so many choices, but has no choice. She is a bit crazy, but she seems to lack some vitality. I am so sad that I have almost lost the skin of my own personality.
When it comes to clothes, I don't care about it, I'm not interested in it. So when a friend offered to say "let's go back", I immediately disagreed. No, I have to live up to my stomach. So the two men began to look for food, and for two hours, the woman, who had been so exhausted by the outside world, could not even walk. I took a very close cup of tea and sat down, smelling the delicious smell of paradise, which gave me a good breath. We're right! Actually, we should go straight here.

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Ordering, chatting, filling. Exhausted. Vent. Even in the present, there are some ugly or unreasonable misunderstandings, but there are so many good things in this world to try, to have and to expect. I had an Epiphany of the zen master of huineng: "there is nothing in the world, where to get the dust." the world outside is really wonderful, but in this feast, I have a kind of innocent purification.

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