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How to distinguish the surface spray paint of zinc steel shutter?

Shutter surface spraying is the last procedure directly influence the effect of the product, now, shutter manufacturers springing up, as the average consumer, how we can polish eyes, discern the stand or fall of zinc steel shutters surface spraying quality?
Small editor teaches you three steps, one "look", two "pick", three "knock". The guaranteed effect is great.

The first is to look and look. The surface of zinc steel shutter usually has two kinds of surface and ground surface. On the light surface, we should see whether the shutter surface is bright, whether the color is pure, whether there are mixed colors, whether there are spots and small particles on the surface. To grind the surface of sand, we need to see whether the particle surface is uniform, good workmanship and spraying, giving people a high sense of quality.

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The second is to judge the adhesion of plastic powder through picking. The quality of adhesion determines the service life of shutter products directly. We can use a pointed object to dig, or draw, to see whether the spray layer of the section is very easy to fall off, with finger, will not block off. The whole thing is going to be bad.
Finally, knock, hammer, cut a small piece, hammer with the hammer, in the process of the process to see whether the plastic powder layer will fall off. If you can really experience the spraying of zinc steel shutters with hammer, the quality of this spray is generally acceptable.