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Blinds make perfect doors and Windows.


Now the shutters are in the home design to use much more, more and more be loved by the user, the expert teaches you how to use the window with the window.
In general, first of all, to refer to the window wall area ratio to appropriate, its main thought the heat preservation function of the window itself, Windows and building measures set inside the shade, also make sure that the window airtight function finally. The following requests should be made in detail:
Improve the air tightness of Windows. Wooden shutters have crack, cold or hot air into the indoor outdoor energy is very big, the sealing of the window function can not meet the energy-saving standard request, should take appropriate sealing measures, such as setting in aperture place seals made of rubber, ZhanPian, advances the tightness of the window.

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2 control window wall area ratio. Window is the thermal resistance of thermal resistance is much smaller than the wall, a single glass of coloured aluminium window heat transfer loss of irreplaceable contributions for 3 times of 24 cm brick wall, hollow glass window of heat loss is greater than the wall, therefore, the size of the window of building heating, air conditioning energy consumption has great influence. Average should compare the window wall area ratio control to about 30% is appropriate.
3. Enhanced thermal insulation function. Progressive window insulation can be divided into progressive window frame and glass insulation function two parts.

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With wood and plastic window frames, the local heat preservation function good, steel or aluminum alloy window frame, the heat loss will increase greatly, for progressive metal window frame heat preservation ability, metal material necessary to do heat treatment. Window installation of insulating glass can adopt single way to increase thermal resistance, can also on the glass coated with a very thin layer of radiation function of selective penetration and absorption material, strengthen the heat preservation function of the window.

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