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The benefits of using wooden blinds in winter

Blinds(Wooden blinds supplier): beautiful and energy saving, simple dragging window can be taken up, the window is more than a view, the window is complicated and small. 
The curtain is occupied by the window of the space, making the width of the visual windows of the house have been affected, it is tedious.Easy angle adjustment, control shooting light, to regulate the angle of the blade to control the shooting light, can not restrain the conditioning blade to the most appropriate position.

Wooden shutters(Finger jointed slats blinds wholesales) to maintain privacy: with the blade bump direction to prevent outside vision, lighting together, blocked from top to bottom outside vision at night, blade convex surface facing the interior of the shadow, does not reflect the significant to the outside.Cleaning convenient and clean: usually only need to wipe with a cloth, when cleaning, please use a neutral lotion. Don't worry about discoloration and discoloration. The waterproof blinds can also be washed through the whole water.

Blocking ultraviolet light: it is useful to block ultraviolet radiation, and the maintenance of furniture is not affected by the effect of ultraviolet light.
The blinds(High quality Timber venetian blinds), compared with the curtains, have the efficiency of the curtains in the blinds that can be sensitively adjusted. The shade, blinds can resist ultraviolet radiation, can adjust indoor light; ventilation, blinds fixed installation and thick texture, can enjoy the cool breeze and comfortable bowel no scruples; the curtain 's indoor life is hidden when the window design, layer laminated coating ensures the shutter Home Furnishing privacy; in addition, blinds the blockade as a window, can play the role of sound insulation.