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Summer use shutters refreshing and bright shutters to buy skill

Louver curtain ventilated air permeability is good, can adjust indoor illumination intensity, especially applicable to concise and lively indoor space. Plastic aluminum blinds are favored by consumers because of its easy to fade, undeformed and heat-insulating effect. When choosing this product, you should pay attention to the following points:
1. Color: the whole curtain includes the blade and all accessories (line frame, regulating rod, drawing line) and the small accessories on the regulating rod, such as the consistency of color, indicating that the production process has passed.
2. Smoothness: the smooth and smooth edges of the products should be smooth and smooth, with smooth edges and smooth edges.
3, opening and closing functions: open blade rotation control rod, good product quality among various blade should keep good levelness, there is the distance between the blade, the blade to keep straight, no bending of up and down. When the blade is closed, each blade should be in agreement with each other without any gaps.
4, resistance to deformation degree, on the blade, usable hand press hard blade, make the stress under the blade bending, and then let go quickly, such as the horizontal blade quickly resume, no bending phenomenon appears, is qualified.
5. Automatic locking function: when the blades are all closed, pull the pull line and roll up the blades. At this point, pull the right pull line, the blade should lock automatically, keep the corresponding roll state, neither continue to roll, nor loosen the slide. Otherwise, the curtain lock function has a problem.