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Shutters, making space more emotional

HEZE HUASHENGh HEZE HUASHENG 2018-04-16 15:29:12
Blinds create a light and shadow that filters out a quiet moment. Tentacles feel warm and natural, just as we expect from home, comfortable and safe.

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Curtains are an essential tool for young homeowners to create a room atmosphere, and they are also one of the most important decorations in the drapery.

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There are many kinds of windows and many people have heard of blinds. Nowadays, they are widely used in homes, which are both beautiful and durable. At the same time, its overall arrangement of lines shows a flat and warm flat beauty. Different blinds also make light and shadow the best decoration in the home.

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Blinds originated in China. In Chinese ancient architecture, straight bars blinds were called ZhiLing windows, and horizontal bars blinds were called WoLing windows. Among them, the WoLing window was an original pattern of blinds.

In ancient times, people used wooden windows to use them to achieve the purpose of ventilation and air circulation. Modern blinds, after various improvements, have been combined into many functions and applied to various buildings.

Blinds were often used in public places and office environments, but slowly, many families have begun to use this special decoration material, because modern people pursue quality life, so in the life of the room decoration is particularly important.

No matter what kind of decoration style, shutters seem to match.

Louvre blades generally use wood, plastic, glass, and aluminum alloys. The biggest feature is the automatic adjustment of indoor light and darkness to achieve better air circulation.

Today, there are more and more styles of shutters. On the exterior, simple and elegant, with exquisite materials, makes the whole house look very good. Mainly in light colors, mostly in white, the whole room is bright.

The fixed installation and the thick texture of the blinds make it easy to enjoy the cool breeze without any other concerns.

The floating curtain will make the interior life appear hidden, and the shutter layer layered design will ensure the privacy of the home.