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Different blinds give you different feelings

Horizontal shutters

The horizontal blind adjusts the shutter blades by means of a rotating rod to adjust the light in the room, and the pull rope can adjust the position of the shutter for raising and lowering. Shutters are simple in appearance, easy to install and dismantle, and have good shading and heat insulation. Some products can also block ultraviolet rays.

Suitable for: living room, study, balcony and so on.

Exterior Aluminum plantation shutter

High quality PVC fauxwood shutter

Folding shutters

Folding shutters only need to pull the lifting rope to stop the curtain at any height. It has a good lighting effect, usually aluminum or PVC.

Applies to: toilets, kitchens, balcony waterproof and lighter texture.

High quality PVC fauxwood shutter

Roller blinds

According to different fabric characteristics, roller blinds can be divided into shading roller blinds, sun blind roller shutters and daylighting roller blinds. The choice of fabrics can meet the light requirements of different living rooms. According to the operating mode can be divided into: zipper shutter, stretch roller shutter and electric shutter.

Suitable for: study, bedroom

High quality Wooden venetian blinds

Vertical shutters

The blinds of the vertical blinds are vertical and flat, with even intervals, neat and clean lines, and very good decorative effect. The vertical curtains have the characteristics of moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion.

Suitable for: living room

Sliding shutters

Push-pull blinds are more retro-feeling and are also used to adjust the size of the leaf surface by rotating the rod, but the leaf surface of push-pull shutters is all fixed on the window frame, and the light in the room is controlled by pushing the window frame.

This kind of frame shutter is also applied to the interior cabinet doors.Used for ventilation.

Shutters can handle a variety of home styles, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more. Like the Nordic style that has become particularly popular in recent years, there is nothing wrong with choosing fresh white shutters.

If you like Japanese style, you can choose log shutters, it gives a fresh and stable feeling.

If you like the dark space, then you will use black shutters, full of modern sense, personality black industrial style.