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Aluminum shutters installation method


1, side installation: Under normal circumstances, we will choose to use the side of the installation method to install aluminum blinds (Ready made Wooden shutters on sale), because this method is more convenient, and solid.

2, overturned installation: If the window frame can not be installed on the side of the shutters (Exterior Aluminum plantation shutter), then you can choose to use this overturned installation, although it is more difficult than the side of the installation method, but in terms of firmness is also guaranteed.

Installation of aluminum shutters Note:
1, if the aluminum shutters are installed in the window, the need to pay attention to the height of both sides of the release of 20-30mm; height direction of installation, the best is higher than the upper window frame 100mm or so, the specific number of according to the actual situation.

2, if the aluminum shutters (Outdoor Aluminum shutter supplier china) are installed in the window frame, then the installation of the width of the width of the window frame need to reduce the width of 20mm.

The above is about the characteristics of aluminum shutters, installation methods and installation notes related to the introduction, hoping to help everyone, but also hope that you can install a convenient and beautiful and beautiful curtains.