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Which blinds look good, aluminum blinds curtains?


Blinds has become a popular home decoration market, not only because of its exquisite, but also because it gives a sense of security. In the huge hardware building materials market, a moment do not know which blinds look good is a normal phenomenon. But do not know how to install is not normal.

In order to ensure that the overall effect of blinds (High quality Wooden venetian blinds) and decoration design with each other, it is best to advance the size of the window. In measuring the size, the frame size width is from left to right to measure the width of the window frame, and the window, the middle of the widest size is the width of the frame; height is from top to bottom to measure the real Height, the left, middle and right of the window are also the most suitable height of the frame.

In addition, if the window is not a regular rectangle, then the window of the measurement of the width or height of the measurement must be less than 5mm, so as not to affect the reasonable installation of the blinds; if the size is greater than 5mm on both sides of the window or up and down The wooden side to fill the window of the irregular, pay attention to the blinds must be installed in the wooden side; of course, we can also choose the plug-in installation, meaning that the window is the widest, the highest frame size to do a wooden frame, and then fixed Hole outside the wall, the custom will be fixed in the wooden frame blinds. However, if the window is cement, slate and more difficult to fix the structure of the blinds (Outdoor Aluminum shutter supplier china), then you need to do lining wood and wall fixed, and then install the product on the wood.

The installation of blinds (Exterior Aluminum plantation shutter), but a technical live, if the installation of small errors, can not fully guarantee the safety and stability of the blinds. So Xiaobian hope that users in the measurement of the size of the time must be careful and then carefully, so as to avoid the installation of errors.