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Share the effect of eight hundred blinds decoration

Curtains, but we focus on soft equipment, can play embellishment home style, enhance the home style, and the role of color matching. Today, Foshan decoration company for everyone to share eight home decoration inside the blinds effect map, take a look at it .

The blinds (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds) are best suited to the study at home, so that the desk is placed against the window and will not be hindered by the curtains. And the blinds can be very soft light, so that we work, learning and will not be harassed by the sun.

Followed by the bathroom, the usual curtains placed in the bathroom, more easily damp mold, and the blinds (Wooden blinds supplier) do not have this trouble. Bathroom windows are relatively small, with blinds, can enhance the overall sense, it will not affect the lighting.

Other places with blinds (wood blinds factory), mainly like it clean, atmospheric, beautiful effect, if the living room with floor windows, or windows outside the balcony, you can try the effect of the blinds.

Normal balcony, is relatively less installed windows, but if it is a leisure balcony, ordinary curtains all blocked the light, too wasted the location of the balcony, may wish to use blinds, light can flow, but also to ensure privacy.

Bedroom is not recommended inside the blinds, because the blinds shade effect is not so strong, most of the light leakage of the situation, on the bedroom inside, sleep will be less stable, before loading a little attention to light leak this point.