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People teach you how to clean blinds

Although blinds (Read wood Horizontal wooden blinds) allow you to play light and shadow well in your daily life, for many people, shutter cleaning is a problem. So how do you actually clean the blinds? Is it better? Let's help you today.

Venetian blinds (Wooden blinds slats supplier china) are made of metals, hard plastics, bamboo and solid wood. The first three kinds of materials are not afraid of water, especially metal and hard plastic. Wooden shutters are especially afraid of water. The method of cleaning the shutter is divided into two kinds according to the water resistance of the material.

Cleaning of solid wood Venetian blinds. Solid wood material should be avoided by water immersion, otherwise it will be deformed and cracked. For this type of cleaning blinds, first by rotating the shutter blade rotating rod will be closed, the blade is in a plane after the dust Shan finally surface dust, the operation after the blade side to the other side, the same first brush off the dust; and then open the blade, a clean old socks, or gloves, wet, set in the hand, hold every blade, from left to right, his flat in the past, so that both sides of the leaves is also clean, with the help of old socks or gloves will wipe tips workload halved, such a line, until the completion of all.

Cleaning of water resistant Venetian blinds (Ready made Wooden blinds on sale). The shutters of metal or hard plastic material, such as Aluminum Alloy blinds, Venetian blinds directly removed from the slot, put into the bathtub with soap and water or detergent water slightly soaked with clean water rinse, brush the dirt when necessary. Finally, use a cloth to dry and install it back to the original place, and then let it dry naturally.