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Is the wooden Venetian shutters good?

Is the wooden Venetian shutters good? Wood Venetian shutters (Wooden Shutters supplier china) can not be forced to twist, otherwise it will affect the life of shutters, oh, then, what are the recommendations of Venetian shutters brand? Wood Venetian shutters are generally relatively wide, generally used for indoor and outdoor shading, ventilation, the details of the following look.

1, wood shutters (Custom color Wooden Shutter in china) leaves is the selection of Russian imports of high-quality basswood, age more than eighty years, and then after steam sterilization, drying, cutting, sorting, painting and other dozens of procedures refined processing.   

2, basswood leaves light, texture clear, wood natural color, excellent stability, not easy to deformation. 

3, Comparison of  linden wood shutters used by the mold, moisture-proof, moth proofing, suitable for the North South climate.   

4, the color of wood Venetian shutters (Plantation shutter china) can be divided into teak color, white, ecru, red wine, coffee color, etc.. The painting is made of imported lead free paint, and the color fastness is above 4. It is not easy to fade.