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How to buy high quality plastic aluminum blinds

The louver curtain has good ventilation and ventilation performance, and can adjust the indoor illumination intensity, and is especially suitable for the indoor space with concise and lively. Plastic aluminum shutter (Outdoor Aluminum shutter supplier china) because it is not easy to fade, deformation, heat insulation effect of good and favored by consumers, the selection of such products, you need to pay attention to the following points: 

1, color
The entire curtain includes blades and all fittings (wire racks, adjusting bars, cables), and fittings on the adjusting bar, such as color consistency, indicating that the manufacturing process has passed.

2, smoothness
Hand feeling leaves and line smoothness, good quality products should be smooth, rounded edges, no thorn hand zhashou feeling.

3, opening and closing function
Turn the adjusting bar to open the blade. The good quality products should maintain a good level between the blades, that is, the spacing between the leaves is symmetrical, the leaves remain straight, and the top bends. When the blade is closed, the leaves should coincide with each other, without louguang gaps. 

4, resistance to deformation
The blade is opened, a hand pressed blade force blade recurved, then quickly let go, such as the blades rapidly recovering the state level, without bending phenomenon, show quality.

5, automatic locking function
When the blade is closed all the way, pull the cable and then roll up the blade. The right pull pull blade should automatically lock, keep corresponding furl condition, can not continue to roll up, also do not loosen down. Otherwise, the curtain locking function will be problematic.