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About aluminium alloy window.

Aluminum alloy sliding window is the most widely used window type in high-rise buildings. Because of its moderate price, it is easy to be accepted. But there are some problems such as low heat insulation, large noise when the window is open and the tightness is not long. Now, with the Aluminum Alloy window manufacturing technology level, insulation performance Aluminum Alloy window is enhanced, and changed the traditional silver appearance, the purple, green and more decorative style, not only insulation and sealing better, but also to feel more beautiful.

The inner layer of the plastic steel window is supported by steel, and the outer layer is an oxidation resistant plastic. Because the outer layer of the plastic is not easy to conduct heat, and the inner structure is tightly jointed, the sealing property, the heat insulation and the heat preservation property of the plastic outer layer are better.

Compared with ordinary glass window, it is resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion resistance. Plastic window is generally divided into single glass (single-layer glass) and double glass two kinds, can be aimed at the balcony of different insulation needs and choice, double glass than single glass insulation is higher. Plastic window in appearance, is no longer limited to a single white, in the high-grade profiles on the use of wax technology made imitation wood grain, imitation stone texture effect, so that plastic steel window and home decoration style matching improved.