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Solid wood blinds gradually become a new home fashion

Light decoration and heavy decoration, as a new concept of modern home furnishing, are highly regarded by fashion people. The improvement of details has become a manifestation of modern people's attention to home life. Home Furnishing window (Solid Paulownia wood blinds supplier china) decoration light gauze, heavy curtains are bright colors, angular wooden shutters are replaced, the fast pace of urban life so that people tend to be more simple and practical window accessories. 

Solid wood shutters (High quality Timber Blinds supplier) from Europe and the United States, in the urban residential, rural villas, noble families and other places are widely used. With the advantages of adjustable light, ventilation, protect the private space, easy to clean, wind noise etc. to win the favor of consumers, especially the kind of bold, create atmosphere, elegant living environment, is unmatched by other window accessories. 

In the "cold" in the era of Home Furnishing author has described the famous art director Liu Xingang room: "although I sigh to master the use of color and callous postmodern, but found true love this feeling full, warm light is entirely because of the wide louver (oem color Wooden Shutter in china) sash stripes in a straight through. The bright sunshine in the bleak house, instantly absorbed by the surrounding part of the sun shade, zebra bundles like wanton in any corner of the room. It's a very comfortable and happy feeling to see the mottled light and shadow cast on the host...... "