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Modern louver rotating blade for you to enjoy the cool shade

The shutters (Plantation shutter china) style originated in Europe, based mostly rare timber broad leaf or slim and gorgeous, or bold and vivid, the overall arrangement of the horizontal lines but not break the layout form monotonous, but can bring changes to both the eye and sense of modern compact space, to Home Furnishing decorated with a punchline. 

Hanging blinds (Custom painting color Vinyl shutters) properly in the living room can sometimes produce unexpected lighting effects. 

In the new market of constant renovation, the blinds made of traditional materials are still loved by many family lovers. 

The design of double shutters more cleverly, to meet the requirements of different time of light, white gauze wrapped in leaves of cloth, impression and inherent people of shutters are very different. 

Shade and ventilation shutters are common in the summer, and this summer, a wide variety of materials make louver (oem Polywood shutter in china) shapes and styles more varied. In addition to the traditional wood chip, aluminum alloy, bamboo and other made shutter window, the modern sense of yarn, cloth, resin and other fabric curtains have become a new member of the Venetian family. Many new products have greatly improved the function and applicability of the blinds, and also better meet the needs of various styles and grades of home decoration for blinds.