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Heat dissipation design features of blinds

1.Front air outlet design,the air outlet is arranged at the front by Aluminum Alloy shutters oriented, can completely solve the shortcomings of the traditional radiator blowing black wall, creating a clean and beautiful indoor environment for you.

2.ultra thin appearance design: the shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy at a time, with a thickness of only 125mm, which has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance and less space occupation. The overall structure is compact and the shape is beautiful.

3.the natural circulation design: the two ends of the evaporator come into the water tank with large cavity, copper tube, large volume of water, less circulating resistance, automatic exhaust function, no need to use pumps, forced circulation and power failure can be used normally, central heating and earth heating can be installed.

4.efficient transmission design: evaporator (applied for national patent) is made of high quality copper tube and aluminum foil fins, and has the advantages of fast heat conduction, high heat dissipation, corrosion resistance and long service life. The heat is 2-3 times the same volume radiator.

5.automatic temperature control design: there are functions of microcomputer automatic control (remote control) and manual setting at room temperature. It can automatically adjust the speed of fan (high and low) according to the temperature of water pipes, and automatically turn off the machine according to the water temperature (35 degrees) and the room temperature.

6.low noise design: the fan is famous for its world power, Haier motor and famous domestic manufacturer, fan blade constitutes a fan assembly, low noise, large air volume, quality assurance, durable.