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Function of Plantation shutter 

2022-07-15 16:02:28

Plantation shutters are more advanced products than traditional curtains, which cannot meet people's pursuit of nature, while breathable Windows create natural comfort for people. Plantation shutters mainly have the following advantages:

(1) Ventilation, lighting and privacy protection
As modern homes become denser, traditional curtain fabrics make it difficult to strike a balance between ventilation, light and privacy, but plantation shutters can do both. Want leaf to adjust appropriate angle only to be able to achieve already ventilated, day lighting can enjoy his private space freely again.

(2) Sound insulation and shading
When the louver of the plantation shutters are completely closed, it can achieve good shading, uv protection, and sound insulation effect is quite good, especially suitable for people who go to bed late and get up late. 

(3) energy saving
Due to the good insulation performance of the plantation shutter, it can effectively reduce the indoor and outdoor energy exchange, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving, especially suitable for the house with west oblique heat.

(4) and durable
Due to shrinkage and aging of the fabric, the service life of curtain cloth is generally five years, while the service life of plantation shutter is more than 10 years.

(5) easy to clean
Plantation shutters do not need to be removed or washed, and only need to be cleaned with an Ostrich feather duster every once in a while. Traditional curtains accumulate over a long period of time easily to be full of dust cleaning at least once a year, and cleaning is very troublesome.

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