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What about solid wood blinds?

Many friends in the home decoration will choose the shutter (Custom color Wooden Shutter supplier ), and the shutter with the development of the material has become more and more rich. Among the many shutters, solid wood blinds are always loved.

Simple crisp blinds (oem Timber shutters in china ) can be fully retracted, panoramic view of the scenery outside the window, the window of simple and elegant. The curtain occupies the Department space of the window, make the width of the visual window of the house be affected, appear trival.

Compared with the general wood shutters (Wooden Shutters supplier china ) curtains, with concealment and lighting, ventilation, and wood thickness and texture, can effectively block heat radiation, reduce the indoor temperature, and is not easy to accumulate dust, suitable for home allergy.

Wood blinds are fixed on the wall inner fan collocation frame, different from the cloth curtain, not by wind waves, and the wooden window is closed, can block the outside sight, but also can adjust the blade angle, guiding light and air into the house.

Wood blinds from Europe and the United States, more directly installed in the outdoor wall, but if you live in rainy and humid, the recommendations in the external installation canopy or aluminum doors and windows rain, will be installed in the form of wooden louver house, life can be maintained for 10 to 20 years.