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The shutters of fitness room is not easy dust

Wood blinds (Custom color Wooden Shutter supplier ) leaves taken from basswood, Phoenix and pine wood. These are the cork, but the texture is light, not easy to crush the window frame, the density is not as tough but teak, avoid laceration of expansion and contraction. The blade edge has a mild arc line, distinct from the sharp edge of the aluminum shutter, and the path of refraction will disperse and be softer as the light passes through the blade. Wood chip after treatment, the outer layer will be painted on the anti UV green paint, usually only with dry cloth to wipe, unlike fabrics, curtains easy accumulation dust.

As for the space conditions provided, although to be framed structures, but the single fan width is set at less than 90 centimeters; do windows, up to 330 cm, but as long as the overall height of more than 180 cm, must be cut into 2 parts and, with stable structure, and convenient regulation of blade direction, and as long as the segment no additional frame, without additional cost.( Wooden Shutters supplier china )

Wood shutters (oem Timber shutters in china ) appear in the countryside or classical style space, but the wooden shutters can control the amount of sunlight and angle, can also be used in modern style home, recommended window format, and choose the white form, can simplify the line without being too rural, too retro.