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Benefits of Choosing Made to Measure Wooden Blinds

One of the largest reasons that homeowners decide against made to measure wooden blinds is the cost. However, wooden blinds(Wooden venetian blinds supplier) offer their own unique advantages that far outweigh the cost. They are also designed to last. Additionally, if you choose a company such as Blinds and Shutter Warehouse, you can check out our value range which offers you all the   benefits of made to measure wooden blinds without the excessive costs.

Increased Amount of Privacy

Wooden blinds offer a lot more privacy than plastic or vinyl. Yes, all three cover your window or door. However, if you choose plastic or vinyl blinds(Hot sell Wood blinds) they are more likely to be transparent in some lighting. This will allow others to see shadows within your home, such as moving figures.

Increased Visual Appeal

Plastic or vinyl blinds can look cheap or tacky, no matter what colour or design you choose. Wooden venetian blinds are an easy window solution that is functional and looks great!

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl and plastic blinds sometimes get very dirty. When this happens, it seems as if no amount of soaking or soap will get them clean. And you have to take them down to clean them! Wooden blinds( High quality Wooden venetian blinds), on the other hand, are very easy to maintain. With wood, you simply take a damp rag and run it between the slats of your blind. Do this every six months or as needed.

Perfect Fit

One of the biggest advantages offered to you by our company is that we make blinds to fit your window. Whether you want a recess fit or an excess fit, just send us the measurements and we will start working on your made to measure wooden blinds.