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Aluminum alloy shutter cleaning and maintenance, focusing on dust

The modern family more and more people choose to use Aluminum Alloy shutters (Wooden blinds slats supplier china), the main reason is that aluminum louvers have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, gorgeous color is rich, bring vitality to the room, convenient installation and disassembly, heat insulation sunshade against UV line is not easy deformation, effective. Take a look at the aluminum alloy shutter maintenance methods. 

For some alloy curtain hanging on the balcony or the living room or in different rooms, the most vulnerable to dust pollution, so remember to regularly Aluminum Alloy blinds (oem Horizontal wooden blinds) clean of dust, otherwise it will affect its effect, but also affect people's visual effect. 

Before cleaning first prepare a pair of rubber gloves and line gloves, then wearing a rubber glove hand dipped raised with good detergent, only slightly wet point, to wipe the leaf by leaf on the blinds then, until ready, and then use the same water to wipe the blade with the detergent clean gloves to wear on the last line of the dry. 

The above is a simple feature and maintenance method introduce the Aluminum Alloy shutters (Exterior Aluminum plantation shutter), Aluminum Alloy louver curtain is relative to other more convenient and more superior performance, service life is longer, so the support and praise by the vast number of consumers in the market.