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Classification and selection of blinds

With the arrival of summer, the shutters (Solid Paulownia wood blinds supplier china) gradually popular, and how to choose the suitable blinds beautiful appearance has become the focus of attention. Shutters are common types of two kinds of plastic and metal, in which plastic blinds cheap, bright color, good toughness but gloss and brightness will be worse; and the shutters metal texture while in gloss, brightness and durability are better than plastic blinds, but the price is relatively expensive, you can choose according to their own needs.

The shutters (Wood ventian blinds supplier china) can adjust the light and ventilation: at night, can prevent indoor light outdoor; winter can introduce sunshine, make the room becomes bright and warm; in the summer can block the strong sunshine and good ventilation, make the room air is fresh and cool.

Beautiful, simple and fashionable, it is the characteristic of louver. Following hundreds of years of European and American style of home decoration, louver doors and windows have incomparable natural beauty and extensive practicability in all decoration. It into the modern home, sense of the changes brought about pleasing modern compact space; a variety of color choices the shutters (Wooden blinds slats supplier china)and Home Furnishing adornment style.