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Two themes of the R+T Asia "green" and "security" and wood blinds factory

  • Release on:2018-03-21
With the development of the industry,R+T Asia are getting stronger day by day.It has became the most influential industry event in Asia Pacific region and led the industry’s new technology trends.These doors, windows, and sun shading companies are carefully selected by a professional team.They are the best in their respective industries and are all recognized by the industry.They are the best in their respective industries and are all recognized by the industry.

Our company is also honored to be invited to participate in the exhibition.Heze Huasheng Wooden Co., Ltd is specialized in shutters and blinds for 10 years,Our raw material include paulownia wood, basswood, PVC, and aluminum.Thanks to the advantages of raw materials, our factory has been focusing on the processing of paulownia products for more than 30 years. After continuous research and development, basswood has become one of our main raw materials.Our main products are ventilation windows and high quality Timber venetian blinds as well as profiles and accessories.

Paulownia wood and basswood shutters are our main products on display this time.The PVC and aluminum blinds are secondary.This is also to respond to the two themes of the exhibition "green" and "security".PVC and aluminum products are less safe than wooden shutters, but their costs are low. And in terms of durability, it is better than wood blinds.In general,the cost performance of synthetic material is higher than wood material.Whether customers choose cost-effective composite materials or green wood materials, we do our best to meet customer requirements.