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Shutters may let you inadvertently reveal privacy

Many shutter sellers will say that as long as you adjust the angle and completely close the leaves, your privacy will not be exposed.But in fact,The requirement that blinds are completely closed need very high Technological level.

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1.The rope between the blades will loosen

First, since the blades of the shutter are connected in series by ropes, the rope will surely loosen with time, so the distance between the blades will become increasingly uneven.Even The rope of High quality Timber venetian blinds will loosen, not to mention some inferior products.

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2.The gap increases after deformation and contraction of the blade

Currently, there are mainly two kinds of shutters on the market, one is a curved blade and the other is an S-shaped blade. Both shapes of the blade once contracted within the blade. That is to say, the blade tends to narrow and narrow, and the space between the blades naturally becomes larger.

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3.Can not block the same perspective

People usually adjust the blade to be tilted to protect privacy, but this is limited to the head-up. If the other person looks in at the same angle of inclination, that is, when the line of sight and the angle of inclination of the window are parallel, the shutter is a line at this time. Basically, it is impossible to cover the contents of the room.

4.At night, the interior is brighter than outdoors.

In the evening, because the interior is bright, you can easily see the interior from the outside

Therefore, the blinds are more suitable for people living in the high floor