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Fancy? Venetian blinds help sleep!

The shutter (Outdoor  Aluminum shutter supplier china) is currently more popular, in the selection, can touch the blade is smooth, without burr, and then hang curtain flat pull test, see open is flexible, finally turn the adjusting rod, check whether the blade flips freely; in addition, some wooden curtain will use adhesive, easy to cause indoor pollution, children, home in the elderly or pregnant women should be carefully selected.

Studies have shown that when indoor continuous voice pollution reaches 30 decibels, it interferes with normal sleep. Therefore, the choice of a sound-absorbing effect of the curtain is essential, the texture to flocking, cotton, linen is better. Generally speaking, the more thick curtain sound-absorbing effect is better, good quality Venetian blinds (Plantation shutter china) can reduce 10% - 20% of the external noise.

If you want a comfortable nap during the day, it is best to choose a shade with blinds (Exterior Aluminum plantation shutter) for the bedroom, preferably of cotton or flock fabric. The study, dining room generally do not need too strong light, you can choose blinds, so that light regulation.

If the shutter curtain color is too deep, long time, will make people feel depressed; color is too bright and bad, a long time, will cause visual fatigue, make people irritable. In fact, try to simplify the selection of light green, light blue, fresh and natural color, can make people feel happy; people prone to insomnia, can try to use red, with black curtains, help to sleep as soon as possible.