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The role of blinds in home decoration

With the development of science and technology, people's material living standards and spiritual civilization are improving, and the demand for architectural decoration and environmental art is higher and higher. The building is no longer a simple combination of wall objects, but art and the building, architecture and art, architectural art appreciation taste is also improved. 

In the selection of the shutter (oem Shutter components in china) material, we can use the wooden product, the plastic product, the aluminum product and so on. In the selection of styles, there are several styles for reference. 

Square the shutters in the number of square ceiling or wall plate combination, square very harmonious, on the exterior of a large area on the rhythmic, artistic embellishment of several square, sometimes there will be a finishing touch. 

Rectangular shutter (PVC fauxwood Shutter components): most of the layout of a large area of the modulus to split, such as the arrangement just right, cable beautiful effect, it used most in modern architecture. 

Circular blinds: appear in the round series, coordinate, appear in the square structure, is also very beautiful. Because he embodies the square in the circle, the circle in the well, can bring art to the building. 

Because of the blind (Aluminum shutter components), the different specifications of the hole, the size of the outdoor fan fan, the hole is hidden behind, its function is not affected, the external environment is also a kind of beautification.