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The mystery of wooden windows

Windows as the living room "eyes", to play lighting, ventilation, warmth role. The window has a good energy-saving effect of heat insulation, heat barrier in the outdoor summer, in order to save the energy consumption of air conditioning, while saving electricity; winter indoor heat indoors to save energy and cost consumption for heating.

The traditional wooden window (Wooden blinds supplier china) is a window, now as a pure sense of the window, have seen, because the wooden structure is very easy in the sun and rain environment decay, resulting in windows, wooden windows as the inside and outside of the window boundaries become the past. However, the biggest advantage of wood windows is the strong texture of wood, natural wood unique warm feeling and excellent durability are popular. As a result, wood windows as decorative indoor wood windows or wooden partition, in modern home decoration is very popular. 

Commonly used wooden window (Hot sell Wood blinds) in accordance with different classification methods, commonly used wooden window can also be divided into many types. According to the different ways of opening such as we can be divided into common wooden window casement window, sliding window and fixed window, turn window, we can be constructed according to different commonly used wood windows into the glass windows, shutters, even the doors and windows, according to how much can be used a wooden window into a single window three, double window, window, window four etc.. 

Different ways of windows (OEM Plantation shutter in china) have different points and shortcomings, suitable for use in different homes and different spaces, consumers can choose according to the actual situation at home.