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Factory Direct Sale Plantation Shutter with Sill Cover

Are you looking for a decorative trim to cover up your window sills? Imagine putting in new plantation shutters to dress up your home only to leave the gray marble sills uncovered due to the fact they stick out past the opening. Our decorative sill cap covers the marble sill with our unique crown finish. The sill cover sits directly on top of the marble sill to finish off the entire look of the window opening. The plantation shutter then sits directly on top of the sill cap for a picture perfect finish. Sill caps are a premium upgrade for any window. When making decisions on upgrades for plantation shutters you cannot go wrong with a beautiful sill cap. Our sill caps are carefully assembled in house, custom to each of your windows. Each sill cap is hand crafted and assembled to ensure outstanding quality build to last a lifetime.  sill caps will transform the look the your window with the elegance of each sill cap installed in your window