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Fauxwood blinds Advantage Features

2021-08-22 17:07:27
Let's work our way through their advantages first, it's always nice to start on the positives! Faux Wood blinds are made out of 100% PVC plastic and are made to look like Real Wood. In fact, the only way our blind experts can tell them apart is by looking at the slat ends to see if there is a wood grain. This means that Faux Wood Blinds are cheaper than their Real Wood counterparts and also are more sustainable. As they are made from PVC, they are extremely consistent in their look - perfect if you're choosing a plain colour slat, like white or grey.

They are also  100% waterproof, which means that the Faux Wood blinds go hand in hand with their easy to clean wipe clean surface. These blinds are therefore perfect in the bathroom or kitchen in fact any room where they may be a little bit of damp. As they won't absorb any moisture these blinds won't warp in a humid environment like your bathroom.