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Introduction and function of louvers

The shutter is a window style, originated in Chinese. Chinese ancient buildings, with mullioned windows, from the Warring States period to Han Dynasty dynasties are used. Straight called the mullioned windows, and stripes, called horizontal window. Horizontal window is a primitive style of Venetian blinds (Cut-downReal wood blinds wholesales), you can also say that it is the original state of the shutter.

1, beautiful energy-saving
The blinds(Wooden venetian blinds supplier) can be fully retracted, simple and neat, open the window after the scenery outside the window view, simple and elegant curtain only a part of space of the window, only small drawback is that the visual window width affected, appears to be very complicated. But you can choose to install.

2, warm in winter and cool in summer
Some materials with good heat insulation are adopted, which can keep indoor temperature effectively and achieve the purpose of energy saving. It only needs a simple free angle adjustment to control the injection of light and adjust the blade angle to control the injected light. The blade can be adjusted to the most suitable position.

3, protect privacy
With the blade bump direction to prevent the outside line of sight, lighting at the same time, blocked the top-down view at night outside, blade convex surface facing the interior of the shadow, does not reflect the significant to the outside.

4. Clean and convenient
Cleaning and maintenance of the louver is very convenient, usually just a few pats with a feather duster or wipe the dust a few can clean above with a towel, please use neutral detergent cleaning, do not worry about discoloration fade, waterproof blinds(Solid Paulownia wood blinds supplier china) can be completely washed.