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How to use a Vacuum Cleaner to clean the blinds?

It is well known, the slats of blinds are difficult to clean.Because the majority of blinds are nondetachable, and the gap between the slats are too small to put your finger in.

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Actually, a vacuum cleaner can solve easily this problem.

In the beginning, you need to make sure you have the soft duster brush of the vacuum cleaner.Not all the vacuum cleaners are equipped with it.Then you can start cleaning the blinds.

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First, you need to close the salts.And then, fixing the soft duster brush to the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.Don't use the nozzle without soft duster brush, it will scratch or chip the slats of blinds.

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During the clean, you must hold the blind with one hand to prevent it banging when you move the vacuum nozzle over it.Slowly move the vacuum from the center to the side, both left and right.

Repeat it until blind is finished on one side.So the one side of the blinds is finished.Turn the shutters over, and clean it again.

The whole process can be done in ten minutes, and the effect is absolutely no longer worse than clean by Rag.