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An Introduction to Cordless Pleated Shade and How They Work

2022-03-17 17:33:26

Cordless Pleated Shade are a modern solution that provide the benefit of traditional blinds without the hassle of a hanging cord. If you’ve never heard of this option, then you’re in the right place. Here’s a brief introduction to Cordless Pleated Shade and how they work.

What Do You Mean They’re Cordless?
When you hear the term Cordless Pleated Shade  you probably thinking of cellular blinds with the folded sections that expand and contract. Although those are indeed cordless blinds, there are also blinds that look like the traditional ones with individual slats that tilt. They look exactly like corded blinds, but without the hanging cord along the side. In full disclosure, there are still cords within the mechanisms, but they’re called cordless because you don’t see or need to use the cords directly.

How Cordless Pleated Shade  Work
Instead of pulling on a cord to raise your blinds, you simply place your hand at the bottom of the blinds and gently lift them up. A tension mechanism inside the blinds adjust accordingly, keeping the blinds at the desired height. Likewise, to lower cordless blinds, you hold the base slat (which is thick and sturdy) and pull down. It’s that easy.

Benefits of Cordless Pleated Shade
There are so many benefits of cordless blinds. First and foremost, they are longer lasting. If you’ve ever owned corded blinds, you’ve probably experienced the eventual ripped cord from the constant pulling. That is not an issue with the cordless version. Additionally, the lack of a cord is much safer in households with children and pets since it eliminates the strangulation hazard. Lastly, they offer a cleaner look. When the blinds are raised, there’s no messy hanging string.

Summary of an Introduction to Cordless Pleated Shade
Cordless blinds are now the go-to option for folks who enjoy the benefits and features of horizontal blinds but were concerned about durability and safety.