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A continuous new material for Venetian Blinds

2022-06-15 17:33:08

It is exciting news that our factory has been producing Venetian Blinds for 25 years and today we have added a new material that is continuously available -Bamboo Blinds.
Bamboo blinds are designed to suit any decor, from traditional classic decor to modern design, and bamboo Blinds comes in all colors to suit your needs
We can provide you with slat and components to help you manufacture,and we can also provide you with finished products for direct sale. And we can customize it according to your color without extra cost. You can also choose your favorite color directly from our color collection for production. 
We also have Paulownia, basswood and Fauxwood Venetian Blinds, if you order too few bamboo Blinds at a time, you can also choose blinds of other materials to ship with.