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Heze Huasheng Wooden Products Co., Ltd
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Why chose Huasheng as the supplier ?
1. We manufacture wood shutter and shutter components, PVC shutter and shutter components, Aluminum shutter for outdoor,  wooden blinds and blinds components, we have just start PVC blinds . All the shutter and blinds accessories is avaliable for you .   So as long as you cooperate with us, you can find what you need, and mix one full container to save cost  .
2. For we manufacture wood and blinds components and blinds components, same time we manufacture custom made shutters and ready made blinds,  so we are pleased to teach you how to assemble shutters from components, and how to assemble blinds from blinds components.  
3.We are pleased to introduce the machine factory to the customers who buy components, so that customers can buy the machine very easy in China . Any more help you can contact us.
4. We are near to Zhengzhou airport, only one and half hours if drive. We will pick you up at the airport and arrange hotel free for you here.  
5. Stable quality products and best Service always here .
When you start Paulownia wood products?
We work on paulownia wood board and moulding at the earliest about 50 years ago . About 30 years ago, one customer from Taiwan find us, and hope we can manufacture paulownia wood slats for them.  Then we try and start paulownia wood slats and blinds.  About 10 years ago, we start paulownia wood shutter .
Why chose paulownia wood?
Paulownia wood is one of the most important commercial trees in China, it grows every where and used widely for many kinds of furniture . We never need worry about the material used out . For the paulownia wood trees grows extremey fast , and can be harvested in about  8 years.  A full-grown paulownia wood trees can reach a height about 60 feet.
Paulownia wood tree are light than basswoood, and with more beautiful wooden grain on the surface .Now they are used for shutters and blinds widely in all the world.