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window sill window board match with shutters

2018-07-27 15:12:39

More information about Window Board

What are window boards? Window boards, otherwise known as windowsills, are the pieces of wood found underneath a window on the inside of the room. They are usually white but are available in a whole host of different colours and materials including oak window boards.

Hardwood window boards have a traditional look and are the ideal type of window board for those looking to create a vintage looking room with a wooden windowsill. Each hardwood window board can also be painted in order to fit in with the style or design of the room you are creating.

We have a number of different sizes of hardwood window boards in our range including 9 x 1 window boards and 7 x 1 window boards. We also have softwood and primed MDF window boards for those who need them.

Make sure you check out our full range of timber products to pick up everything you need for the building project you’re working on. Order through our Click & Collect Service to save time looking for our oak window boards in your local branch.