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The bathroom shutters have this effect!

You know, the bathroom is a vital Home Furnishing environment in the region, its confidentiality and practicality are worthy of attention, in the traditional concept, there is always a dark, damp impression on it, if you do not want to own home bathrooms with such a label, then set out a shutter, so that we can bring enough light, brightness increased, but also when the watch is a very hidden space.

1.Materail:  Paulownia wood /Basswood
2.Louver  Size: 63mm/76mm/89mm/114mm
3.Frame: L frame, Z frame, Decor frame
4.Install: Outside / Inside
5.Max Width: 850mm
6.Max HeightL:3000mm
7.Color: 12 standard color and custom color
8.Paint: PU paint
9.Control Type: Clearvirew tilt rod/ centre tilt rod/ off set
10.Style: Fixed, Hinged, Folding ,Sliding

Bathroom set up a very large window, brightness can see, the light shines on the white ware and bright tiles above is more clean, and the mirror above the sink, which can make sense of space enhancement, design of glass shower room is very good, won't let space there is a small feeling, shutter curtain of oem color Wooden Shutter in china than the general benefit is that it is very convenient, open and close are very simple and don't have to worry about the degree of privacy exposed, the shutter is strong.