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The soul of ingenuity, Huasheng chairman invited CCTV interview

2023-07-10 11:53:57

We are very proud to announce that our beloved chairman of Huasheng has been invited by CCTV to give an important interview. This is a high recognition of his excellent craftsman spirit, but also a great affirmation of our brand value.


Chairman of Huasheng talks about the true meaning and importance of craftsman spirit. He will share his passion for the pursuit of craftsmanship and explain why this value is reflected in every Huasheng product.

Chairman of Huasheng describes how Huasheng promotes the development of products and industries through continuous innovation and excellence. He will share some success stories to showcase Huasheng's excellence in product design, manufacturing and service.

The chairman of Huasheng emphasized Huasheng's social responsibility and sustainable development. He will introduce Huasheng's efforts in environmental protection, employee welfare and community contribution, and explain why these are indispensable values for Huasheng.


This CCTV interview is not only a recognition of the Huasheng brand, but also an affirmation of the trust and support of each of our customers. We are deeply honored and will provide you with more excellent products and services with greater enthusiasm and motivation.

Thank you for your attention and support to Huasheng!