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The IWCE exhibition. 

Bernice Huashseng 2023-04-21 18:07:01
Hot and ongoing
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After 3 years, we went to the United States again to participate in the IWCE exhibition. 

New friends
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Many new and old friends have come, and we have exhibited many new products. In the past three years, we have not wasted our time, hidden our talents, and carried out inventions and creations.
Visit our factory
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If you don't have time to visit the exhibition, please come and visit our factory. We have our own branded hotels. Provide free accommodation and three meals a day. We also bought a sightseeing car, and you can visit our 5 workshops:plantation shutter,PVC shutter,wooden blinds,PVC blinds,Roller shades. Yes, we can provide you with all your business needs, and we are very confident.