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Purchase guide for plantation shutter

2022-07-27 17:43:42

Indoor shutter materials are mainly divided into PVC and wooden. The advantage of PVC is that it is more waterproof and suitable for wet environments, such as toilets. The overall cost performance is excellent compared with wooden material. If the window is large, wooden will be more suitable, because it is lighter, stronger and, of course, more environmentally friendly.

The number and frame of shutter panels are designed according to the structure of windows, and the usage habits of customers should also be considered. The color can also be customized according to the color of window frames.

Many special-shaped windows do not have suitable curtains, such as round, semicircle, fan-shaped, triangle. In fact, they can be customized by shutter, and the effect is very good.

If you want to order a suitable shutter for your customers, you can send this article to your customers for purchase.