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Huasheng Industry unveils the whole production process of Plantation Shutter

2024-01-19 11:27:20

In order to give you a deeper understanding of our high-quality Plantation Shutter products, Huasheng Industrial sincerely invites you to visit our new product display page to reveal the complete production process of our Plantation Shutter shop. From the fine processing of the wood to the packaging of the finished product, every step is carefully designed and efficiently executed to ensure that you are provided with superior window finish products.


Huasheng plantation shutter production process - YouTube


Production process Overview:

Wood processing: We purchase high-quality raw materials from our own tung tree farm and our professional wood processing team ensures that every piece of wood meets our strict quality standards.

Machining assembly: After precision machining, the wood is carved into a variety of different louver shapes. Experienced workers skillfully assemble these components together, ensuring that each Shutter has a solid structure.

Product polishing and painting: Each piece of Shutter is carefully polished to ensure smooth surface and fine texture. Superb painting technology adds a lot of color to the product, adding a unique taste to your Windows.

QC: We have a strict quality control team to carry out a comprehensive test for each batch of products. From size to appearance, every detail is carefully reviewed to ensure that the product is 100 percent up to standard.

Finished packaging: When the final Shutter product is rigorously tested, we use specialized packaging materials to protect it from damage during transportation.

With this new product display page, you can learn about every step of Shutter production, anytime, anywhere. We firmly believe that this transparent presentation will help you better understand our products and gain a deeper understanding of our processes.