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How to chose the color you want for shutters

2018-07-25 18:14:00

White and neutral shutters are a popular choice, giving you the maximum flexibility to change your colour scheme in the future. They create the illusion of space and light as well as a beautiful blank canvas for any colourful furniture, pictures or personal belongings.

If you prefer the natural look of wood, then you can opt for a stain that will enhance your hardwood shutter and emphasise its grain. Our White Teak Sumatra range boasts a tight, uniform grain which helps you achieve a consistent look.

Remember that the amount of light that enters your room will affect the appearance of your wall colour, and they may look quite different in the evening compared to during the day with your louvres open or partially open.

A custom colour option is also available if you want to seamlessly match your shutters to your decor. Our shutters can be made to match any high street paint.  You can also be bold and select a bright paint if you wish to create a feature window, which can look fabulous in children’s bedrooms or kitchens.