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How is the Color card of Plantation Shutter managed?

2022-08-23 15:48:14

Each customer has a number of Plantation shutter colors that are commonly used by each customer, and as customer orders grow, customers evolve a color card that is unique to their use. In order to maintain the consistency of colors, as early as a few years ago, we developed our own regulations. We will update the color card every two months, and update it to the manufacturing regulations of each customer.

We will send new color cards to the paint house and QC at the end of the month, and we will collect the previous color cards at the beginning of the month. The old color cards will be sealed in the production workshop for a year. Both QC and the paint house will have a set of color cards and keep them consistent.

For the new color card sent by the customer, we will use the machine to read the color value and keep it, paste the label on the color card, and the color card is closed and saved to avoid color changes as much as possible. When making color card, we will check the value with the color.