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About Heze Huasheng--Plantation Shutter Factory

2023-02-15 17:42:59

Today I would like to introduce our company. Our company was founded in 1996. Up to now, Huasheng has gone through 27 ups and downs, and now it has become a mature modern company.


During this period, the total area of our company has reached 500,000 square meters, the workshop area has reached 150,000 square meters, and the number of employees of the company has exceeded 1,500. We have adapted to the development of The Times, developed shutter, Blinds, shade and other products to the world, and established a worldwide marketing network.


In order to ensure the quality of products, the company has also established a complete quality management system, each process in the workshop, there are strict quality control. Our products not only occupy a wide range of domestic market share, but also exported to the United States, Britain, Australia, the Netherlands, Japan and other more than a dozen countries and regions, and even won unanimous praise.


We rely on innate geographical and material advantages, as well as their own unremitting efforts and innovation, to the company has brought stable economic development and social benefits.