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7 Steps to clean the blinds on a sunny day

HEZE HUASHENGh HEZE HUASHENG 2018-04-11 16:07:46
The shutters are now a very popular type of windows. It is both beautiful and practical. But one of the problems is that it is not good to clean.

Today, teach you a very convenient way of cleaning in sunny day.


Add 3/4 of the water and 1/4 of the detergent in a barrel.

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Find a place where you can hang things, and hang up the blinds. Next to it is a bucket of water, a mild spray cleaner, and a broom. Then find a hose to flush the blinds

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Open and lift the louver and hang it on the fence outside.Thirty minutes in the air.

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After thirty minutes,take it down.Spray with mild spray cleaner and put it for 1 minutes. Then use the broom to soak the bucket containing detergent and wipe the louver.


Close shutters, then reopen in opposite directions and clean with a slight spray cleaner.


Use hose to rinse all surfaces with water thoroughly and then put it outside for dry.


Finally, rehang blinds.

That's what it's done.It only need seven steps!